Asmita Rajiv

Artist | Poet | Author

Welcome to my online home. I am an award-winning artist, poet, and an author. Unlike my education in Physics &    Business Management which is backed by formal degrees, my existence in art and poetry is purely backed by my passion. 

It is my belief that the expressions of our heart & soul are wrapped in our individual stories. 

No matter where we come from and no matter however unique our stories may be, these are the very same stories that also bind us all together.

And I am here to tell these stories.

Take some time for yourself. Grab a cuppa. Immerse yourself in the beauty of colours & words.

 Give this gift to yourself. You deserve it !

Free Spirit Free Soul
You deserve this...

My paintings depict stories of the different lives we live...

Some in our heads and 

Some in the outside world.

Which is your story?


Only when we can find courage to move past our denials and face our truth,

can we find true joy and happiness

Some food for thought...

Let Art & Soul do it's magic

Asmita Rajiv

Let Creativity be our binding force

Let's get to know each other

© Asmita Rajiv. All artwork is protected by copyright. Downloading, copying, reproduction, and use of images without permission is prohibited.