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My book of poetry & prose


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The fallen autumn leaf laid on the grass...

  Quivering yet unafraid

  completely devoid of any shame

  It let the earth embrace its pain

  ‘cause in healing there is no shame.

  When I turned the leaf over

  I found my face smiling back at me

  And just like that on that autumn day

  I found a piece of my broken me.

‘Unsaid’ is a collection of heartfelt poetry and prose attempting to make sense of the subtleties of love, companionship, and self-discovery.


I offer this book as a memoir of my learnings and realisations with the hope that these thoughts will speak to you in the same way they spoke to me. And however sketchy or incomplete these learnings may be, I offer them with complete humility and gratitude.  


Just by listening to our hearts, we can finally let the unsaid be said.



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