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I am ever so grateful to everyone from various walks of life for their belief in my work. Your encouragement fuels my drive to cherish my uniqueness.

Image by Jr Korpa

Asmita was selected to be a part of the International Exhibition, "Vienna Showcase" because of the in-depth and concept of her artworks, as well as the vibrant colours and bold style. The inner thoughts and symbolism used in her paintings are very moving. A great talent that is inspired to change the world with her artworks. The visitors at the Vienna Showcase art fair agreed, as well as the GAA Guest Judge Werner Szendi announcing Asmita as the first runner-up for the Global Art Awards 2013.

Joelle Dinnage, Director, Global Art Agency


"When heart is chosen over mind to lead the way, it is a journey we seldom forget."

Asmita Rajiv

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